The Book Bank 

Over the span of 7 years, the Book Bank has distributed over 1 million free children's books to families, teachers, schools, and organizations throughout Maryland. 


That is a savings of 14 million dollars for families and teachers!


Every year hundreds of teachers come to the Book Bank to gather books for their students and to build their classroom libraries. Families build home libraries and gather text books to homeschool their children. Head Start centers, Social Services, and more than 600 schools and organizations visit the Book Bank each year to get books for their programs. 


Each year over 75,000 children use our books!


We have thousands of titles, all of which are sorted and organized by volunteers. The books we distribute are donated by people and organizations all over Maryland. 


We welcome everyone to visit the Book Bank and an ID is not required. Click here for guidelines for visiting.


Please consider supporting the Maryland Book Bank with a tax deductible monetary or book donation.

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