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The product's new cloud-based application-development environment (ADE) enables engineers to quickly develop innovative new AutoCAD applications. With the new XML programming environment, users can start building their own plugins or develop a plugin-driven application for AutoCAD.Application-development tools:Use the new WebAdvisor application-development environment (ADE) to build and test application-development tools directly from within AutoCAD. The ADE is based on Eclipse and a web browser. It allows users to build and test application-development tools in the same application.Built-in XML Editor:Accelerate your workflow by using the XML Editor. With the built-in XML Editor, you can work directly with existing XML files that already have been defined in your drawing.Typographic enhancements:Add style changes directly to your text objects in your drawing. You can use the new text styles directly on text objects, fonts, and display styles.New menu-driven tools:With the new toolbox menu and tooltips, you can more easily access controls without needing to use the mouse. You can also customize toolbars to better match your workflow.Sketchpad:The new drawing environment Sketchpad lets you easily customize and view 3D models, such as floor plans or technical schematics.New drawing tools:Add any effect you want to an object. You can create a quick color fill, arc, bevel, or other effects and add them to any object in your drawing.Draw guides:Use the new feature guides to help align your drawings or to help make sure you don't leave a small gap or a small dimension in your drawing.Tracing or screen-capture tools:You can use the new tracing or screen-capture tools to quickly produce a screen-capture of a window, user interface, or drawing. You can then use the screen-capture to work with other applications.New drawing tools:You can use the new Rhino options in the 3D workplane tools. You can enable the Rhino options, such as create surfaces or surface radius.New design tools:With the new multiple-document editing environment (MDE) you can edit multiple documents simultaneously. You can also easily place templates and cut, copy, and paste between documents. 2be273e24d

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