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KW-P770XF-LX Plus - NOVA-Xm4A3000P70 €2,400.00 In stock Size SKU Price WxlX-LX Plus KW-P770XF-LX-P 1 4 Delivery Shipping Product information Product description „The Nova Kit Wxlx Plus“ with the „P“ version has 1 x head with integrated camera and compass 5 x 3D markers (unit, floor, ceiling, wall) 1 x USB-hub 1 x box with 6D Ranger T-6x6s 1 x USB cable User manual Technical data All information is subject to change without notice. The information may have changed since this document was originally posted. Original specifications, features, descriptions and product pictures are subject to product and manufacturer change. Some elements in this document may be out of date. Please refer to the manufacturers website for the current product data. Please contact us before placing your order if you require more information regarding specific product features.Paris (AFP) - France faces a severe situation, "a failing state" which must now be considered a "zone of war", as the government declares a state of emergency as a result of the jihadist threat, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Tuesday. "A state of emergency is not a solution to everything... but it is a response to a failing state," Fabius said in a statement. "I see a failing state that is becoming more violent, that is a far greater threat," he added. "The terrorist threat is today a failing state, an 'Islamic State' which is becoming more and more organised, more brutal, more funded, more ambitious." "As far as the Islamic State is concerned, France and Europe as a whole are its soft underbelly," the minister said. "It wants to expand its control and gain recruits by taking advantage of social exclusion," he added. "In order to preserve our way of life, Europe needs to defend itself. And this is what we are doing," he




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Arredocad 9

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