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HD Online Player (Kung Fu Panda 3 (English) Full Movie) larryazm




Po becomes the dojo leader as the cubs begin their training to become the Kung Fu warriors they will one day become. When the drunken Master Shifu tells Po to find the Furious Five and invite them to the dojo, Po is forced to make a dangerous journey with the help of a little bird, a silly old tree, and a bear. ## What is a Patella? **Patella** (puh- **TE** -luh) is a little bird used for good luck in Kung Fu Panda 2. Just like real birds, he is light and can fly. His name means "dove" and he is the symbol of peace. **P** **a** **t** **e** **l** **a** reminds us to be kind, fair, and giving. When we have good luck and good things happen to us, it is a good omen and we can trust ourselves to be successful. He helps Po get to the Furious Five. ## The Five The five **F** **i** **u** **l** **f** **s** are in the middle of the dojo. Po learns the Furious Five training from **Master Shifu**, but they do not like him at all. They don't like how he looks, how he acts, or the way he talks. Po has to make them listen to him and become his friends. Then, they will help him to defeat the bad guys. The **F** **i** **u** **l** **f** **s** are Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane. ## Master Shifu **M** **a** **ster Shifu** is the principal of the Kung Fu dojo. He loves his dojo and his students. He reminds us to use our inner wisdom and to be kind, fair, and giving. He is the best teacher Po will ever have. He is so good that he teaches Po to be a better teacher than him. ## Kar Zhou **K** **ar** **Z** **hou** (kah-ruh **ZH** **ow** ) is Po's master. He is the patriarch of the family that provides food and shelter to the dojo and the entire village. He is a good farmer and can't help but love his precious crops. When Kar Zhou finds Po practicing a



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HD Online Player (Kung Fu Panda 3 (English) Full Movie) larryazm

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