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The Home Library Project was a HUGE Success!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

In partnership with City Schools and building on past trials, we rolled out the Home Library Program in 14 of the Literacy Blueprint schools. MBB was able to provide 2,100 first, second and third grade students with home libraries of 20 self-selected books. This is a total of 42,000 books distributed through the program. MBB will expand the HLP to even more students and schools this coming year thanks to the addition of another Bookmobile donated by the Baltimore Ravens! This second vehicle allows us to have multiple bookmobiles on the road on any given day.

Our goal for this coming year is to provide the Home Library Program to 5,000 children throughout Baltimore City while still bringing the Bookmobile to as many Title 1 schools as possible.

We are excited to have such an incredible impact directly on thousands of children facing many challenges here in Baltimore. We will do our best to eliminate a lack of access to books as one of those challenges.

Author: Mark Feiring, Executive Director

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