The Home Library Program

The Program

The Home Library Program is The Maryland Book Bank's Kindergarten-2nd grade reading initiative, designed to help build home libraries during the critical years of early literacy. 


The Maryland Book Bank piloted the program in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools Blueprint for Literacy program, delivering 40,000 books via the Ravens Bookmobile in its first year to children enrolled at Intensive Literacy Sites.

Following The Home Library Program's first year, the self-reported number of books in the home and attitudes towards reading increased across the board.  The most significant increases were among boys who have traditionally been a difficult group to encourage an enjoyment of reading.  

Why are we doing this? 


Simple.  Children in low income homes have between zero and two age-appropriate books in the home, while children from middle income homes have an average of 54 age-appropriate books.  The result is lower proficiency by the third grade and a 16% higher school drop-out rate among these students when they reach high school. 


The children in our program will finish the school year with just as many books as their middle income counterparts (20 books), and be better equipped for the school year and beyond, bringing them one step closer to reading proficiency by the third grade. 


The long term results are increased time spent reading, better reading skills, and a much greater chance of graduating from high school.