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Interview with Megan, MBB Summer Intern

Check out this great interview with Megan Koch, one of our summer interns.

MBB is currently hiring Fall 2019 interns! Please email Kim ( to find out how to apply.

-What made you choose to intern with The Maryland Book Bank?

I’ve always loved books since a young age. Some of my favorite childhood experiences involved going to my local library or bookstore and books have shaped who I have become as a young adult. As a current college student, pursuing a degree in sociology, I was overjoyed when I discovered the opportunity at the MD Book Bank. Working at the Book Bank gave me the opportunity to pursue two of my passions, literacy and non-profit work, while also gaining valuable work experience. 

-What has been your most impactful experience while interning at the Maryland Book Bank?

I think the most impactful experience I’ve had since interning at the Maryland Book Bank has been going on Bookmobile visits to local Baltimore City Parks & Recs. It’s quite an indescribable experience when a child turns to you and asks, “I get to keep these books?” It’s a little thing, but it’s meant the world to me this summer.

-Describe a day or two in the life of an MBB intern.

On days that the Book Bank was open to the public I usually spent most of my time checking out guests and making sure the bookshelves remained stocked and organized. Other responsibilities have included sorting books, sending emails, going on Bookmobile visits to deliver books to children in the local community, stocking the Bookmobile, creating social media/blog posts, and learning the ins and outs of a nonprofit organization. No one day was ever the same! 

-What would be one piece of advice you would give an incoming MBB intern?

One piece of advice I would give a new intern is to ask questions! This is your chance to learn and the best way to get the most out of your experience is to ask questions and expand your horizons. 

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